Greg Lynn Construction
The Art of Building.

Homes that embrace form, function and convenience are homes that transcend trends and styles and that bypass those superficial touches that are cute one day and passé the next. These are homes that age well with you. A student of the neo-craftsman style, Greg Lynn strives for homes that are “light and bright” and that display the collaborative talents of architects and builders. While building homes that are fundamentally different, Greg taps into a variety of styles and methods, his homes consistently reflecting the relationship between structure and style. He is also adamant in his belief that plans are the backbone of well-crafted homes and that everybody should be present at the table to discuss those plans. As Greg sees it, that’s what spells the difference between building another house and making a dream home.

“The homes we make aren’t built by committees made up of egos and agendas. They’re homes made by a collection of individuals working toward one well-defined goal – making reality of the home you have in mind.”
– Greg Lynn